I dedicate this video to the Samaritans, a charity I am very passionate about and thankful for.
Suffering with my mental health for many years is something I have kept hidden, been in denial about and often been ashamed to admit. It is only after 10 years of suffering that I finally feel strong enough to start taking steps forward to improve my life. Making this video was a very scary nerve-wracking thing for me to do, however the feeling I got when I thought of the idea told me I had to do it no matter what. Please join me and tag your friends and family to share just 5 reasons why you love yourself, make a video or share a picture and tag #iloveme
To think of 5 reasons I loved myself was such a big step for me in terms of moving forward and it is not by any means going to solve my long term problems, however, it is one small step I can take to turn a negative into a positive and hopefully spread awareness and positivity. We should never feel ashamed to say we love ourselves, it is something we should embrace! We are all special, unique people with our own stories to tell and real problems behind closed doors. If you ever need to talk to someone, you can call Samaritans for free anytime, from any phone on 116 123.

On behalf of the Samaritans I would love people to make donation to them HERE
Please share, tag, donate and spread the self-love and positivity. #ILoveMe #LoveYourself #ShareSelfCare #ISeeMe #ILovemyself